Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy 22nd Day of Vacation, George!

I see you have to do some hard work on your vacation. You had to fly to Salt Lake City and give a speech about Americans having to keep fighting the terrorists where they live. Umm, are we invading London next?

Oh, and after you gave a number of war-dead and war-wounded, within hours those numbers had to change. Poor you. No wonder they didn't want you to say how many died before. It's hard work memorizing those numbers (or reading them off a teleprompter) when those numbers keep changing.

Oh, and you compared our invasion of Iraq to the invasion of Normandie? And before this, to our fight for independence? Study your history. This is more like David going after Sheba, maybe with some Oedipus Rex thrown in.

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1 Response to "Happy 22nd Day of Vacation, George!"
  1. Ndesanjo Macha said...
    7:13 AM

    You are right, if "we" have to follow "terrorists" where they are, London must be next!


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