Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The New Ten Commandments

1) Thou shalt advocate the assassination of leaders of governments who want to try and supply the U.S. with cheap gas.
2) Thou shalt lie about the advocation if confronted.
3) Thou shalt view women's rights as expendable.
4) Thou shalt not take arms against "the enemy" but instead, take up keyboards.
5) Thou shalt decry every possible disagreement as trecherous or traitorous without allowing for honest discourse.
6) Thou shalt attack first, ask questions later, then when answering questions, distract and sidestep - this applies to real enemies as well as imagined.
7) Thou shalt never answer questions directly and honestly but use accusations as answers.
8) Thou shalt line the pockets of friends with offshore Cayman Island accounts but tell the populace to sacrifice loved ones.
9) Thou shalt use homosexuality as a boogey-man to achieve desired results.
10) Thou shalt promote stupidity in the populace through religious concepts like Intelligent Design and abstinence and home-schooling.



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