Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy 16th Day of Vacation, George aka Precedent Setting President

Hey George!

I read a real funny this morning. I read that the reason you didn't want to meet Cindy Sheehan was cause you didn't want to start a precedent.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... did you really mean that?

How do you set the precedents... let me count the ways:

  • Start a pre-emptive war to find WMDs err regime change umm spread democracy;
  • Create the largest deficit in our national budget;
  • Cheat your way into the WH;
  • Take more vacations than any other president (a full 20%);
  • Harbor somone suspected of treason;
  • Use public funds to sponsor party-affiliated propaganda in the hopes of dismantling social security;
  • Have people impersonate secret service in order to keep out dissenting voices in PUBLIC forums;

I think you're very dishonest, George. You just can't be bothered. All you have to do is tell her you'd meet her after your 5 WEEK vacation and all the wind would go out of her sails. But see, that stupid stubborn streak in you is what we're counting on. That immature side of you that just can't admit you were wrong, or you made a mistake.

So tell the world it's cause you don't want to set a precedent. We all know you'd rather set precedents that'll benefit your (Cheney's) Halliburton buddies or your ultra-rich buddies and precedents that'll make your dad's heart stop. Oh, that was the whole plan wasn't it? Show up your Dad?

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