Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy 17th Day of Vacation, George!

Congratulations, George! You are now in uncharted territory for MOST Americans. You are on a third week of vacation.

Oh I know, boo hoo, you had to attend a few dinners, shake hands with the Columbian President, fall off your bike a few times, and ignore Cindy Sheehan. It wasn't a vacation after all!

But you know, somehow, I think your vacation is better than the ones the soldiers get. And it was because of this equation that Bratworse and I went to a candlelight vigil last night.

So have fun with your bike, with fishing, with napping, with your vacation. Meanwhile, people all over the country are starting see the disconnect of the WH to people's realities. And they're wondering why the hell you are biking two hours every day instead of using those two hours to try and wrangle some funds up to armor our soldiers.

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