Friday, August 12, 2005

Thinking OuTlOuD


- Grocery Store Reveries -
Idealist and I went to the grocery store the other day, as we are likely to do when desperate times call for desperate measures. Previously we had purchased Stayfree's maxi pad, thinking that the new leak protection did not mean plastic diaper (Must be cheaper to use plastic instead of the cotton weave they were using before, 'Cause you know everything's about money). In an attempt to find a less plastic form, I found my way to the feminine hygiene section. Looking around, I decided that there was a message there in the feminine hygiene aisle. To the right of me - diapers for infants and toddlers, infront of me - maxi pads and tampons, to the left of me - depends. I'm halfway there! We should just resign to the fact that woman just might be in diapers all their life.

- A Job's Humor -
My co-worker/manger nearly cracks me up every time she does some act that reminds me of Danielle Howell's song, "Big Puffy Girl Handwriting." I have since nicknamed my co-worker "Big Puffy Girl Handwriting (I nearly crack up when she writes tomorrow - "2moro")." To give you an idea the song starts:

"Big puffy girl handwriting, handwriting that's big and puffy. You know those girls that write: to so and so, they write the letter 2, I mean the number 2, like "2U" and love, L-U-V and instead of you're, they write Y-R. "YR gonna luv 2 b4 I... " You know what I'm saying? Those girls and I didn't get along very well."

To hear the entire song, you'll just have to purchase it or attend one of Ms. Howell's proformances (
maybe one day she'll come out to California *hint*), not only does she provide the apt description for my co-worker, she's also got me wondering about what "The Shift" is going to do to me (when you turned twenty-six, did it shift?).

- A Faery's Wish -
I dreamed of a blue faery, not the pretty girlie kind, but the ugly gremlin kind akin to Brian Froud's interpretation. She instructed me on a few things than left in a blink, only to return shortly after to say she'd forgotten something and would disappear again and return to repeat that she had forgotten something. After what seemed like awhile of this I was awakened, left wishing faeries exist, the good, the bad and the ugly! I think we all need something to believe in, there most be some form of "little magic" out there. If all that matters is faith, why argue about what it's in?

- Pheonix Union's (P.U.) Movement -
I have gladly accepted the nickname "budding activist." As founder of P.U. I am taking on our first movement. The movement of independence! I'm talking independence for the intelligent, living on their own, unmarried (for whatever reasons), childless, under twenty-four year olds. More specifically I am rallying against the Government's classification of independent for the sole purpose of Financial Aid dispersal to college students. I have the bare skeleton of my purpose, and eventually will complete the argument.



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