Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy 8th Day of Vacation, George!

How's the weather down in Texas? Cindy Sheehan says that you might be having thunderstorms.

There's no chance of you going mountain-biking in the storm, is there? I mean, since you didn't know to come in out of the rain in Scotland. Oh wait, if something happens to you, we get Dick in Charge, eh? You know, I really can't decide what's worse for the country, you or Dick.

BTW, in case you weren't aware, 17 people died yesterday in a series of bombings in Iraq. You might be getting one more mother outside your doorstep asking the same question Cindy Sheehan wants to ask to your face, since among the 17 was another Marine.

Today, I wanted to educate you on how ordinary people get vacations.

Most of us have to plan and BUDGET months in advance for our vacation. We first have to look at our budget and figure out where we can go under our budget. Thanks to your buddies and you bungling the economy with your friggin tax breaks for the rich and this costly war and the price of oil, Europe is out for most people. See, when pizza in London costs $80, which is what a majority of us make in a day, then Europe isn't really a possibility for us existing on a budget. By the way, Asia is out too since they unpegged their currency to ours.

What's good for corporations (the trade deficit) usually means our choices will get limited. We cannot afford to travel overseas now... ah, but I'm starting to understand your insiduous plan now.

You want to keep us dumb, broke and isolated don't you? You plan on bankrupting the American economy (much like Brazil) with your tax breaks, your wars, and your killing of social security. Then you make sure we stay dumb and entertained. Hence your endorsement of Intelligent Design. (But then, what can we expect from a man who revels in his "C" capabilities and uses his position to demean others more qualified)

But I digress.

Anyway, on with my lesson. First we figure out where we can go on our budget. Then comes the odious task of asking permission to take a vacation. Who did you have to ask? I don't remember getting anything in the mail about you asking permission. What? You think I work for you? Umm, your paycheck was paid in part by me. You know, if there's corporation acknowledgements, like this message was paid in part by.. why doesn't your paycheck say that? It should say, Paid by the CITIZENS of the United States who pay taxes. That way, you will remember who you are working for. Not your cronies at Halliburton or Exxon or the House of Saud.

Okay, so first we figure out a budget, then we ask permission. Barring any emergencies, any budget cuts, unemployment, etc.... we then go and take our one week off. Of course, we all manipulate the system as best we could... Take off on a Friday, drive all night on Thursday night so we get our vacation starting truly on Friday.... make sure to have the vacation over a three day weekend so we can squeeze ONE extra day out of it.

This is the world of working people. This is the world of 75% of where your paycheck comes from. So go back to clearing brush. Go back to pretending you're a farm hand for 5 weeks. But face it - until you face our terrors, you are a pampered baby playing at trying to better your father.

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