Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Timing is Everything

Isn't capitalism great? In the midst of looking at devastation photos, of reading about how dreadful and catastrophic Katrina is with two levees breaking and most of the city inundated, I spy this article.

Isn't capitalism *special*. I mean, look at this, most of America is digging deep into their own pockets, looking up where to donate to Red Cross and other charities, and gee, who spots opportunity? Why, George Bush's old buddies of course. Oil prices to spike after refinery shutdowns.

Gotta hit that profit margin y'know. Gotta satisfy the stockholders.

It doesn't matter that an ENTIRE city just got devasted, that millions got displaced, that thousands of business have lost any remote ability to even function, much less make a profit. It doesn't matter that because of THEIR greed for more commodity, that the equipment needed to help out in this destruction is in a DRY, LAND-LOCKED area when it'd have been better served here where it was designed for.

One would think that in an age of decency, these board members who might've never even set foot on those destroyed refineries, they might forgo profits for a few days (given the record-breaking profits they've made since Bush has been in office. Nah, couldn't be any correlation there.) just even perhaps in the surrounding areas, who've had to swallow up the fleeing refugees.

I have to point something out, since I am a true socialist, who believes the government SHOULD be in charge of some things (utilities, including natural gas and oil). In the wake of Katrina's devastation, wouldn't a state-run gas have lowered prices instead of hiking them up? Just asking. I kinda think I know what Hugo Chavez'd do.



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