Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy 14th Day of Vacation, George!

How's it going, Georgie Porgy? I hear you've been having a good ol' time, going on bike rides and fundraisers.

In fact, I hear you drove right past Cindy Sheehan on your way to a fundraiser for the GOP. So, I guess we all now have the answer: In order for you to act like it's no big deal to meet with you twice, all we have to do is cough up $25,000.

You know what this means, George? This means that in YOUR eyes, $25,000 means much more than a marine's life, a marine whom YOU asked to give up his life.

Actually, I'd be interested to find out how many people have met you more than once, more than the 15 minutes you gave Cindy Sheehan or Delores Kesterson (I'm being generous here, you only gave Delores 5 minutes of your precious bike-riding time).

I'm willing to bet some of them "contributed" less than $2,000 to you. Which means, Casey Sheehan's life is worth less than $2,000 to you.

The other thing I wanted to point out to you, George, is this article. Apparently, the famous swans in Boston's Public Garden are a couple of lesbians!

Just thought you should know so that you could have a new diversion. You know, since most lawmakers are now admitting that this isn't the right atmosphere to push through an anti-gay marriage amendment (Hear that sound? That's the sound of the entire conservative christian movement's sphincter scrunching shut in terror)

Instead of proclaiming against Gays as anti-nature, you can now crusade against Gays in Nature. And all the liberals will rise up against this proclamation and there! You will then have again a distraction against the noise of Iraq.

BTW, in case you're interested (and I know you're not) TBogg has an on-going deathcount while you are on vacation. Let's see, that's 230 people you're willing to visit cause they contributed to your political party and 55 families you're not going to visit.

I wonder how much those 230 people sacrificed. The whole world knows what the 55 families sacrificed. My thoughts are with those families; may your future weekends never be as bad as this one.

I hope you really do believe in a God, George. I really hope you did take Christ to be your savior. Cause if you did, there will be a very nice place for you when you die. You'll feel right at home. I hear it's hotter than Texas.

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