Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy 4th Day of Vacation, George

I see you had a visitor, the Columbian President, Alvaro Uribe. And you made a hah-hah! Calling Condoleeza Rice, Condoleeza "Arroz". Boy, that was a knee-slapper. How did you come up with that by your lonesome?

By the way, even the New York Post thinks you should take a little time from your hard work of hosting foreign dignitaries to go visit some of the poor families in Ohio who lost loved ones this past week. But I know, those brushes are just everywhere on your ranch and you need to clear them. After all, you didn't break from your last vacation because over 10,000 brown-skinned people died. Why should you for only 14 Americans? I mean, that's like saying to the world 14 Americans is worth more than over 10,000 dead indonesians, malaysians, Thai, Sri Lankans, Indians, etc.

Anyway, the weekend is coming up, and I'm going to take some time from my hard work, which I know, isn't as hard as driving around the Columbian president on a ranch. Oh, when you get back from your vacation, can you see to it that our troops have more protection? That they get a raise just like the others in your white house that you just gave raises to last month? Oh, the budget? That's easy, take a couple million away from Halliburton and assign that monies to troops salary. See? Not really hard work. Oh, but too easy for you, eh?

What was I thinking?

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