Thursday, August 11, 2005

Okay, Who Did a Time Warp on Us?

Happy Anniversary, Bratworse!

It's our 3rd Anniversary officially, but not really. It's kind of hard to explain. I met Bratworse playing a MUD named Threshold-rpg. No, no links to the site cause tho I had 4 pretty fun-filled years playing the game, the owner is too much like George W. Bush in my eyes and I simply can't recommend it.

Anyway, I met Bratworse virtually, and on this game, we courted and eventually got married. All this prior to our actually meeting. I think it took her 6 months of IM'ing me to get my phone number, with me the entire time saying, "Are you a guy?"

Finally we met in person December 2002, brought in the New Year together and she moved in with me in Feb. 2003.

Those of you paying attention should be doing a double-take right about now. Wait, but you guys met in Dec. 2002. How can this be your 3 year anniversary?

Well, Bratworse decided that we actually met 2 years before that and since we got married in the game and decided in August 2002 that we were going to meet (okay, clarification here. I decided we were going to meet. She decided we were to live together. I was not to find out this until much later, like 6 months after she moved in)

Therefore, our anniversary was declared August 11th. The 11th mainly because she hoped I wouldn't forget such a number and in fact, when I told her "Happy Anniversary, Honey" this morning, she was quite happy her trick worked.

So, tho we have no $ to celebrate, we'll be celebrating in our hearts.

Oh, the picture above? [shuffles sheepishly] We were to buy an ipod for our anniversary and since we have no $, I thought the picture might help.



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