Friday, August 12, 2005

Unintentional Funny

"This is a terrible thing for The Washington Post," said Bill Dobbs, spokesman for United for Peace and Justice. "It calls into question the media's credibility."
Okay. I've stopped laughing now. No... wait.... okay. Now I've stopped laughing.

I'm sorry, but so many things have called into question the media's credibility that whenever I read an article in almost any that I do all the research myself so I can judge the veracity. How's that for credility?

[Wipes her eyes]

Whew. That was a good one. But seriously folks, this isn't quite a Yoda-type move by the Washington Post, is it? To help sponsor this atrocity of a "commerative march"? Bo Jones, publisher of the Washington Post, says that the paper'll pull out if the event gets political. Ooooh Yippee! We'll soon be listening to you all navel-gazers parse the word "political". I hope you get a good seat in El Presidente's box for this march, Mr. Jones. Wave to all those supporters of the war effort who aren't in the military but yet marching so they can play dress-up like Leader Dearest.

BTW, I bet few in NY would be fooled that this March has ANYTHING to do with 9/11. Go on, try this march in NYC. I dare them.



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