Monday, August 15, 2005

Level 48 Paladin!

Playing around on my iBook G4, I finally figured out how to do a screenshot [cmd-shift-3 and for a cropped one, do cmd-shift-4, then drag cursor to form a box around soon-to-be-captured image]. Anyway, I quickly got on WoW, image-captured my main girl - Jaece and threw it up here. Like her new hat? I just got her that. It's *much* better than the helmet she used to wear.

Jaece is a level 48 Human Paladin. Her two skills are skinning and leather-working. She isn't my first character on WoW. Hydiddlee has that distinction and I'll post a picture of him soon with his helmet on and his helmet off. He is so unbelievably cute but I play Jaece much more than Hy. The ONLY reason why is cause she can self-heal. I have walked into areas where she will take on 5 foes, all a couple of levels higher than her and she has walked out alive. Now, that's kick-ass.



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