Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy 15th Day of Vacation, George!

I know you don't recognize any of those names. Hell, you couldn't even remember Casey Sheehan's name when you met Cindy Sheehan that one time. Why should you recognize any of these names now.

Anyway, you needn't worry. Your neighbor took care of that pesky little problem. Seems one of your neighbors, irate that you won't see Cindy and thus remove some traffic congestion, decided to take out his irritation at the makeshift memorial. A pickup truck mowed down the crosses in the middle of the night. Hey! Maybe this guy will go to your little March with his pick-up truck.

Oh, speaking of marches... I hear the Washington Post pulled out of sponsoring your political rally put on by the Department of Defense. It's okay. I think one of your 230 attendees can afford to sponsor it. After all, they did give $25,000 towards your campaign... what's a bit more to pay for propaganda?

Lastly, I see that the Iraqi government failed to come up with a constitution by yesterday's headline. I also hear that Condi and others are pressuring them to come up with a constitution within 10 days.

I've got an experiment for you all: try sitting in a room with falling plaster, and have someone play explosive noises outside the door. Now try and come up with a constitution. I know you're in a hurry for them to come up with something just so you can wipe some of the egg off your face but seriously, George. You try to come up with coherent thoughts while there's explosions going on right outside your door. Oh wait. You couldn't even come up with coherent thoughts after receiving NEWS of explosions.

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