Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happy 10th Day of Vacation, George!

How was the Windy City yesterday, George? Did you happen to drive past all those women camped out in front of your ranch? Nah, judging from the pattern of behavior, I would bet a million of your bucks, that you turned tail and took a helicopter out of there to the airfield. Gee, George, did your mom intimidate you *that* much that Cindy Sheehan frightens you?

So I heard that you sent out attack dog Bill O'Reilly after Cindy Sheehan through a stand-in - Delores Kesterson. Umm, I think you/Rove/O'Reilly made a teensy weensy lil mistake there. See, I think it was actually Chief Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson's step-mom that was supposed to be on the show, not his birth-mom. But hey, all those moms look alike, eh?

You know, you really should study a tad before you go and meet grieving Moms. You know, be less brusque, don't make jokes since it's kinda solemn that they lost a loved one. Oh, but that would mean you were taught manners, wouldn't it?

Oh yeah, another tip? Learn the names of the person you're honoring. See, there's this thing called short-term memory (I'm assuming that you didn't fry yours, but that might be assuming a tad much huh?). All you have to do is put the person's name in short-term memory, have the meeting and then walk out. It will give the impression at least that you cared.

The common thread between Cindy Sheehan and Delores Kesterson? They both met you in person and came away with the impression that you didn't know who you were talking about, that you didn't care to be there and/or worse, that you thought you were at a cocktail party, that all you cared about was being the president of the U.S. and having others do your bidding.

I know, I know, you really ARE that way. But geeze, George, if you had taken the trouble to just act a little, maybe you'd be spared this protest. But you must've been late for a bike ride.

So I see a few of your cronies are starting to feel some heat. Over in San Diego, Randy "Duke" Cunningham wants to use some of his campaign contributions for a legal fund. On the other side of the country, I see some people finally got indicted for the phone bank tampering during the 2002 elections. Oh and some other DeLay/Abramoff scandal. Oh yeah, and something about lawmakers giving themselves a substantial raise in Pennsylvania in the dead of the night?

Gee, judging from some of these articles, they seem to suggest there's a deep layer of corruption within the government ranks. Nah, it couldn't be. Your pals? Corrupt? I know, at least corruption isn't treason, righ.... whoops.

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