Monday, August 08, 2005

Science and God

Most of us are familiar with the above drawing. In our small minds, that is pretty much what our solar system looks like.

And guess what, we'd be wrong. I've been reading Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and the first chapter has already blown my mind away. Basically, if we make Earth the size of a pea, Jupiter in relation, would be OVER THREE THOUSAND FEET AWAY.

Nothing in the above diagram even remotely comes close to the scale and breadth of the true universe. Given that same pea-sized Earth, Pluto would have to be drawn OFF THE PLANET'S SURFACE in order to accurately depict the size of the solar system.

And this is just ONE solar system out of millions of billions.

So your mind blown away yet? Okay, wait a few seconds for your mind to collect itself. Now doesn't the sheer immensity of the scale we're dealing with, just re-affirm in you that there is intelligence and there is design?

"Intelligent Design" is neither. It's not intelligent nor does it show a design in anything. It is JUST A WAY FOR PEOPLE TO MAKE SURE YOUR BRAIN REMAINS SMALL. It has nothing to do with the reality of science, the complex beauty of the world we live in, nor does it have anything to do with faith. For people of science who have faith in a higher being, each fact uncovered that discloses the immense complexity of our surroundings, underscores their faith.

So let me ask you (if you're a supporter of Intelligent Design): Why do you insist of making our world smaller? Why do you limit what we know? Why are you insisting that the world is ONLY 6,000 years old?

Intelligent Design gives you pee-wee football's playbook to understanding football, INSTEAD of the NFL's playbook. So go ahead America, be in the junior league. Cause when time comes to play in the big leagues, it'll be China and India sending in their teams, not us.



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