Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blogher, I Don't Even Know Her!

Well, after a few days of visiting a page here and there, a few days of following links to find myself guffawing at antics, learning new tricks, and being envious of those attending, I did it.

I first followed directions on this page and lo & behold, a self-updating blogroll magically appears to the right. The first hurdle cleared, I posted my request to be added.

First off, let me explain. I'm a fairly regular reader of Dooce since oh about 6 months ago or less. So I knew about Blogher, well peripherally. It seemed every time Dooce wrote about it, my attention was diverted away by some political shenanigans. Though I made a mental note to look it up, well, somehow, Dooce was hopping on a plane before I realized the weekend was here.

When she returned, I followed her links to other women's blogs and read. And read. And read.

When Bratworse picked me up later that day, I turned to her and said, "We are going to Blogher next year no matter what." She said "Okay. What's Blogher?" Later that day, I showed her three pages that impressed me with their writing. She smiled and said, "Okay, we're going to Blogher."



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