Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy 24th Day of Vacation, George

There is a theme that runs through the bible, George. You know, the book that you claim is your basis for how you do things. This theme is embodied in the very concept of circumcision, and that concept is sacrifice.

See, the Jews, in their covenant with God sacrifice a piece of their flesh to remind them of their place in His heart, of their promise to lead their lives in His name. Abraham, as the father of the Jews, was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac to prove to God that he is a true believer. And God himself, according to you Christians, sacrificed HIS only Son Jesus for the sins of all of us.

If you ask me, Jesus got a raw deal, but that's beside the point.

The point is, George, what have you sacrificed? You trot out the military Mom who has 4 kids in the military, and a husband in the military as well. She's sacrificed time for your war, but not blood yet. At the rate you're going, she may well sacrifice all of her family before you're done. Then, let's see what she thinks of your policies. But until then more kudos to her. I hope she never has to feel the anguish of Delores Kesterson and Cindy Sheehan.

You haven't sacrificed your two hours of biking every day. You haven't sacrificed your vacation time, since you're fast closing in on having spent an ENTIRE YEAR of vacation during your 5 years in office. (and three more to go, woe is us) You haven't sacrificed blood. Your tears? You readily admit you're a bawler. So how is that a sacrifice?

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